Regarding PYTHON_PREFIX setting in automake, I've pushed a change that
(I hope) reverts to the previous behavior of using the usual GNU prefix
variables by default. It's attached.

The new configure option --with-python-sys-prefix yields the
the 1.16.4 behavior of using the sys.* Python values.

The --with-python_[exec_]prefix options are still present and
unchanged, setting the prefixes explicitly.

It would be really fantastic if there could be some testing of this by
other people before we push out another problematic release.

Jim, could you roll a test release please? --thanks, karl.

P.S. Oops, I see the brief description in the change is only supposed to
be one line. Well, too bad, not going to adjust now.

P.P.S. Although the diff shows nearly every line being changed, in fact
most of the changes are about indentation. Unfortunately. But separating
the formatting changes from the real changes proved too problematic and
time-consuming, and I wanted to end up with a correctly-formatted source
(as best I could manage). Sorry.

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