yf> Would keeping PYTHON_PREFIX but changing its default to the
    "classical" value be a working solution for this ?

Yes, I think we should. And I think I should have been smart enough to
realize that changing the default behavior was too risky in the first
place. Apologies for that.

My thought now is to add yet one more option, like
--python-prefix-from-python, to get the new 1.16.4 behavior of using the
"computed" sys.* values. Else go back to the previous $prefix-based behavior.

Does that sound sensible? A better name for the option?

Joshua (or anyone), would you be willing to work on something like by
any chance? Would be greatly, greatly, appreciated. I am way
overcommitted right now (like all of us, I know ...).

    please keep the --with-python_prefix

Definitely. --thanks, karl.

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