On 19 Jan 2022 16:05, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>     the ACLOCAL_PATH functionality is useful (adding search dirs after -I),
>     but a bit unwieldy as an env var.  any reason we can't add a command line
>     option for this ?  
> Seems like a fine idea to me.
>     call it --aclocal-path ?  or --extra-system-acdir ?
> Reading the doc, my hunch is to call it --aclocal-path and make the
> semantics of its argument be exactly the same as $ACLOCAL_PATH. Wdyt?

i was leaning towards it behaving like -I -- it takes a single path, not a
colon-delimited list of paths.  not sure if that's what you meant by "be
exactly the same as $ACLOCAL_PATH".

otherwise, yeah, it'd be the same.

> But if both are set, should the --aclocal-path argument replace
> $ACLOCAL_PATH, or augment it (earlier of course)? I'm not sure.

i don't have an opinion.  if we have another scenario that does this, i'd
be fine to use that so we're consistent.  Peter's point about autoconf &
$WARNING handling seems like a good enough reason to do it that way.

> By the way, would it be feasible to have --help show the actual values
> for --automake-acdir and --system-acdir? It is far from obvious.

sounds like a good idea.  i'll poke a little.

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