As Marian Buschsieweke wrote:

> first: Thank you for your contribution to AVaRICE and maintaining it. It seems
> you took offense in my previous email, which was never my intention. I'm sorry
> for that.

No offense taken, not at all.

> As you said, AVaRICE would greatly profit from attracting new contributors. In
> order to increase the chance that other contribute the choice of a hosting
> platform (and also VCS, as you brought that up) can have a huge impact.

According to > 25 years of opensource contributions by myself, I don't
think just changing the environment would get anyone to step forward.
People only come by if 1) they really need any particular feature in a
certain software, and 2) they have the time and skills to do so.

Once someone is there who really wants to dedicate the required time
for maintenance, migrating to some different environment could
certainly be arranged.

> Regarding the search of a new maintainer of AVaRICE you mentioned: Maybe the
> OpenOCD guys are willing to adopt AVaRICE?

As someone who contributed minor additions to OpenOCD as well: I don't
think there's anyone around in the OpenOCD community interested and
knowledgable about AVRs.  It would certainly be interesting to migrate
the AVR debugging part there, as they've got a good and versatile
framework for many different platforms.  I already contemplated to at
least handle the AtmelICE + EDBG part there (as these tools are
already working well on OpenOCD for ARM targets, so the part that is
currently not working well in AVaRICE is already available there), and
then just keep AVaRICE as it is for the historic JTAGICE, JTAGICEmkII,
AVR Dragon, and JTAGICE3 (early firmware) where it works well enough.
However, see my previous mail: I lack the time for it (and partly now
also the motivation).

> However, I am willing to contribute any bugfix and
> improvement that I program in order to keep AVaRICE running for the OCD of the
> platforms I'm working with. Maybe, if others do the same those minor
> contributions add up.

Surely, minor contributions like that are always welcome, but they do
not solve the major headache I currently have about handling the
AtmelICE & co.
cheers, Joerg               .-.-.   --... ...--   -.. .  DL8DTL
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