Hi Nikolaos,

Yes, I think there would be some interest in integrating breakpad on Windows, 
OSX, Linux, and setting up a Caliper server. 

We did have some pieces for Avogadro1 (e.g., 
https://github.com/Avogadro/Caliper <https://github.com/Avogadro/Caliper>) but 
this would need to be re-done for Avogadro2. We would particularly need to have 
a mechanism to produce a breakpad-free version, since some users work in places 
that do not allow crash-reports (e.g., some US government labs).


Prof. Geoffrey Hutchison
Department of Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh
tel: (412) 648-0492
email: geo...@pitt.edu
twitter: @ghutchis
web: https://hutchison.chem.pitt.edu/

> On Mar 11, 2018, at 5:50 PM, Nikolaos Hatzopoulos 
> <nickh...@csu.fullerton.edu> wrote:
> Hello Dr Geoff Hutchison,
> I found a post of avogadro for implementing google breakpad to produce crash 
> information.
> Currently I do have exprience implementing breakpads using Qt framework and 
> C/C++ with windows mingw and vc++ and also OSX.
> Are you interested in such a project?
> Best Regards,
> --Nikolaos Hatzopoulos
> Ms Student
> Software Engineering
> California State University Fullerton

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