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User who did this - Julius (che) 

Attached to Project - awesome
Summary - wrong method call in
Task Type - Bug Report
Category - wibox
Status - Unconfirmed
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Operating System - All
Severity - Low
Priority - Normal
Reported Version - 3.5.5
Due in Version - Undecided
Due Date - Undecided
Details - I think the .fit method of layout.margin 
(lib/wibox/layout/margin.lua) makes a wrong function call to the .fit method of 
the contained widget in line 49.

This fix worked for me:
w, h = base.fit_widget(self.widget, width - extra_w, height - extra_h)
w, h = self.widget:fit(width - extra_w, height - extra_h)

I was playing a little bit when I noticed a deviatoion from the expected result 
from margin:fit to the actual result.
Looking a little bit deeper I recognised that the values the .fit method gave 
back for the widget from a) inside the differed from those from b) 
(That sentence was too complicatet, wasn't it? - What I wanted to say: 
base.fit_widget(widget, ...) (from inside the =~ widget:fit(...) 
from the 'outside'.
Where the result from widget:fit(...) seems a lot more correct to me.
I think the reason is that during its creation some (at least the textbox) 
widgets overwrite (sometimes probably with good cause) the .fit method. Using 
the older variant, the base .fit function gets called. That might not match the 
actual space needed.

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