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FS#1269 - wrong method call in
User who did this - Julius (che)

As I only call :set_markup() and :set_align() (which themsefels emit 
widget::updated) on my textboxes, this signal should be emitted correctly.

And I can see (in the source - during runtime I haven't had a look) that the 
cache is cleaned when widget::updated is called. (As layout.margin is created 
with base.make_widget() (from wibox/widget/base.lua) which connects the signal 
to the ret._fit_geometry_cache = setmetatable({}, { __mode = 'v' }) - which I 
assume to clear the chache)

But still the output from base.fit_widget(...) inside the margin:fit() and 
widget:fit() from outside differ.

So I wonder why this is. I'm going to have a deeper look but if somone sees 
what I'm not able to see, that would be nice...

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