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FS#1296 - Updated signal causes total relayout
User who did this - Emmanuel Lepage Vallee (Elv13)

The bottleneck is the exponential overhead caused by LGI. This is much better 
with 0.8, but far from perfect.

So lets break your questions into smaller ones:

> Is having multiple parents worth it?

Yes and no. Awesome always supported that. As far as "why bother": legacy. 
While we broke people configs a ton of time, this one would be a little hard to 
port and some widgets, such as radical bar menus, are very heavy compared to a 
textbox. The overhead of having 1 copy on each of my 5 screen will be very 
noticeable when it come to all internal callback those widgets can generate. I 
would prefer to keep the widget tree linked top->bottom rather than 

> Paint outside of the dedicated region.

Well, if you look at other widget toolkits, Qt4 was forbidding that. Because of 
the same corner case I use it for, Qt5 now allow it. The problem is always the 
 * People love shadow, shadow are outside of the widget
 * Glow
 * Power line array
 * grow when mouse::hover
 * transition animation

Those use case cannot be implemented without allowing the widget to write 
outside of its rect. As it currently "just work" (and because I use it :P ) I 
would prefer this to be still supported one way or another. This can be done 
with "region of influence" rect as a second return value or something. There is 
a ton of ways to support it better than it currently is. If we want to get 
someday serious about animation (I do!). This is required.

> How?

Well, other toolkit use damaged area and hierarchical structures, so I guess 
you are going the right way. Rather than flagging the widget itself, I would 
flag it's container with a list of damaged children. It should mostly "solve" 
the multiple parent problem without additional logic.

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