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FS#1296 - Updated signal causes total relayout
User who did this - Uli Schlachter (psychon)

The area outside of the "dirty_area" in my code is not redrawn at all. So if a 
widget unsets the clip and draws a shadow outside of the dirty_area, the shadow 
won't be drawn on the background color, but ontop of the previous shadow. So on 
each redraw the shadow would become darker and darker.
(but now I wonder what would happen if a layout places a widget outside of its 
own area. The dirty_area would be updated correctly and I wonder if the 
clipping would also Do The Right Thing(tm) for the shadows. Could this be a 
good idea for implementing this? What I mean exactly: The layout returns 10, 10 
for :fit(), but places a widget from -5,-5 with size 20, 20 in :layout(). This 
could actually work, right?)

Elv13: Do you want a clever scrolling layout or something similar to what is 
implemented in FS#1218? IMO a clever scrolling layout would make itself 
incompatible with the systray and use something like an "invisible wibox" where 
it draws its child to. In its own :draw() method it would then just copy the 
right part of that "invisible wibox" over.
That's the best implementation I can think of after thinking about it for 0.5 
seconds. Something like "real scrolling" where it moves the already-drawn part 
and redraws the rest might be a lot harder to implement and I'm not sure if it 
is worth it.

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