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FS#1296 - Updated signal causes total relayout
User who did this - Uli Schlachter (psychon)

Yet another new version of this proof of concept. Now, after re-layouting 
things, only the part of the wibox which really changed are redrawn. I bet this 
breaks Elv13's "let's ignore the widget's bound and unset the clip"-magic.
I also fixed things so that the wibox code automatically emits 
widget::layout_changed on parent widgets when it is emitted on a child. (There 
is still potential for optimizations: If a widget is visible in n places, these 
signals will be emitted n times. This gets us exponential behavior for deep 
widget hierarchies. However, I do not care enough to do anything about this and 
this should still behave way better than what we had before.)

Oh and since I didn't mention it yet:
This code creates a cairo surface, places some widgets on it, forces a redraw 
of one of these widgets, then forces a relayout for one of the widgets and 
finally saves the resulting cairo surface to "out.png". During this, it prints 
a message each time it calls a widget's callback to show that just the minimum 
amount of callbacks are generated.

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