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FS#1296 - Updated signal causes total relayout
User who did this - Uli Schlachter (psychon)

TL;DR: I'd be interested in suggestions for the API.

Once again, here is a new version (mostly bugfixes). And once again, here is 
the API that a widget can implement:

- widget:fit(width, height): As before, given a space of width x height, this 
widget should return its desired width and height
- widget:draw(wibox, cr, width, height): As before, the widget should draw 
itself on the cairo context cr in the are from (0, 0) having size (width, 
- widget:before_draw_children(wibox, cr, width, height) and 
widget:after_draw_children(wibox, cr, width, height): These are called 
before/after children are painted. before_draw_children is basically the same 
thing as draw and exists just for consistency. Here the widget can e.g. call 
cr:set_source_rgb(0,1,0) to influence its children. And after_draw_children() 
could be used for... things. Someone will come up with a use! ;-)
- widget:layout(width, height): This returns the layout of the children of the 
widget. This should return a list of widget placements. Such a placement can be 
generated via base.place_widget(widget, matrix, width, height) where Matrix is 
a cairo matrix that describes placement and rotation of the widget inside of 
its parent's area. Most commonly such a matrix should come from 
require("lgi").cairo.Matrix.create_translate(x, y) to place a widget at (x, y).

In contrast to the current area, none of these callbacks are recursive / should 
call other widgets. The wibox code does all of that for us.
If a widget needs to be redrawn, but neither its :fit() nor :layout() changed, 
then it should emit widget::redraw_needed.
If a widget's layout changed, it has to call widget::layout_changed. Only if 
the result of its :fit() or :layout() actually changes will its :draw() also be 
called, else it is assumed that no redraw is needed.

A BVH tree is an implementation detail, I'm mostly curious what exactly you 
mean with "a widget can claim any space on the wibox". Or rather, how that 
translates into API.

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