Would love to hear from anyone else whose direct maternal line runs through the 
Azores and whose mtDNA tests as haplogroup V.  

>From what I am reading, V is spread out across Europe at low levels, except 
>for accounting for over 50% of the Sami people ("Lapps") and around 19% of the 
>Cantabrian people in Spain.  (If I recall correctly, Basques have a lower 
>percentage than Sami and Cantabrians, but still higher than average...)

And I've seen genetic studies of the Azores where the overall prevalence of V 
thrpughout the archipelago is similar to that around most of Europe -- but also 
one study that says that its prevalence in the Western group of the Azores is 
33% (which would apparently be the highest rate in the world other than among 
the Sami), and that it's the most heavily represented haplogroup in the Western 

My earliest known ancestor in my direct maternal line lived on Flores, so she 
forms part of this pattern for V in the Western group.  I'm interested in 
trying to set up a database for Azoreans and Azorean-descendants who fall into 
V, to see if we can construct a tree back to one or more identifiable "mothers" 
of V who brought the haplogroup to the Azores and to whom (or to one of whom) 
all Azorean Vs can trace their direct maternal lines.

David da Silva Cornell
Miami, FL

Researching the following surnames and places:
Faial - Furtado, Terra, Furtado da Terra (unknown freguesia(s), but signs 
currently point to Pedro Miguel)
Flores - Freitas, Lourenço, Coelho (unknown freguesia(s))
Pico - Silveira Cardoso, Macedo, Machado, Pereira Madruga, Ferreira, 
Cardoso, Cardoso Machado, Vieira, Bettencourt, Dutra, Castanho, Homem, 
Goulart, Quaresma, Moniz, Barreto, Silveira, Pereira, Álvares (all Lajes do 
S. Jorge - Silva, Botelho, Azevedo, Cardoso (Urzelina); Silva, Azevedo, 
Cardoso (Santo António in Norte Grande)

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