My 3rd great aunt Maria de Jesus b: 1849 Mae de Deus, m: 1867 Mae de Deus, 
filha Manoel Jacintho Duarte & Maria Quiteria de Jesus
Her husband  Marian(n)o de Mello b: mid 1840's, filho Manoel de Mello & 
Maria Soares

Marriage record:

They had two daughters in 1868 & 1869. Then in 1800 Maria had another child 
[filha natural] named Maria

This baptism record states the husband has been absent in Brazil for 8 
years. About two years later Maria has a son [filho adulterous] named 
Manuel, again states the husband as being absent.

My question is what makes the Manuel's birth adulterous but his sister's 
birth *NOT* adulterous?

Paul G.

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