I have an history.
Francisco Ferreira Armond went to Brazil at the begining of 1725. His wife 
was godmother in 1728 and 1734 in Ilha Terceira. Later the couple had 
children in Brazil, the first in 1736. Ten years without children.
At tis time, I Think the divorce didn't exist.

On Ilha Terceira, the "vox populi" said that Brazil was "the forgetting 
land".Theses cases are very frequent. The husband went to Brazil to have a 
"best way of life". Some went back to Terceira. Some wife joined the 
husband in Brazil. Some are definitively "auzente nas portas do Brazil".

Philippe Garnier
Paris - France 

Le lundi 17 octobre 2016 22:21:13 UTC+2, Cheri Mello a écrit :
> I'm starting the topic of lost husbands in its own thread since Paul's 
> topic was different. However, when Margaret brought the following up, I had 
> questions.
> Margaret said:
> <<They are all saying the same thing i.e. husband was away, not missing. 
> The number of years gives the reader an insight at this lady's situation. 
> Unfortunately this happened to many women on the islands with immigrated 
> husbands. Some waited for many years, others didn't. Does this answer your 
> question?>>
> I would say it's a fairly safe bet for the man to leave. Why did he leave? 
> Some of my thoughts would be he left to try to make a better life. One 
> would like to think that he went somewhere with the intent of making money 
> to send back for his wife and children, (assuming he had children already). 
> Suppose he was not successful in making enough money. He's in a new county 
> and she's back in the Azores. It must be very difficult for her, and more 
> so if she had children.
> Suppose the husband and wife decided that they could not stand each other. 
> I'm sure very few got divorced back then. He could leave and start up a new 
> family in a new country and no one would know.
> From the couple of ideas I thought of above, the husband could start over 
> and no one would know. He could have a second family! But everyone in the 
> freguesia knew if she had a 2nd family!
> Does anyone have historical insight as to these situations?
> Cheri Mello
> Listowner, Azores-Gen
> Researching: Vila Franca, Ponta Garca, Ribeira Quente, Ribeira das 
> Tainhas, Achada

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