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Address it to In the subject line, I'd list the
ancestors last name(s), state or Azores island where they lived, and a year
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on as well, so you may be answering someone who is not on the list anymore.

Rose Z's posts:

been 5 years away from site. Just read your post, yes, Warm Springs was a
district of Washington township. I believe Milpitas was considered Santa
Clara County.

Susan, I have been away from this site for a about 5 yrs. Yes, most of this
is familiar to me, I am connected to most of what you have written.

Been away fro this site for 5years. Thank you, for your info. Yes, my
grandmother's name is Helen Evelyn {Alvernas, spelling?} Harvey Garcia. It
appears that somewhere around the early 1900s name changed from Alvernas to
Harvey. I really appreciate your help[.

Lynn, just started researching again after 5 years. Many changes in my
life. Yes, i think the Manuel Caton the 3rd name could be by Great
grandma's grandfather, because of the dates. He seems to have a son named
Manuel. I think this is her father, Manuel, eventually living around
Ashland. And he and his wife passing from possibly TB within weeks of each
other. then the children were given out to relatives or friends. My great
grandma landed in Mission San Jose. And married a few years later to
another Manuel. Alvernaz, changing name to Harvey. Also, I believe the man
who fostered her was Manuel Sequiera of Mission. thank you so much for your

Elaine, This is Rose Zbyzenski. I have not been on this site for about 5
years.Very shortly after I wrote the first post I was contacted by my
cousin who lived near my parents, and alerted me to a problem with my
parents. My mother past, shortly ,thereafter, I took on all of their
affairs, including my Dad who was in dementia. Then my oldest son passed,
along with other passings. My ex husband past last year. So after , all
these events and being the executor to their wills.I am trying yo find my
way back to myself. I hop this explains why I did not contact any of you. I
so appreciate all the help. I am not that literate in electronics , either,
so, it has been an interesting journey. I could not even locate this site,
again, until, today. I have found a lot about the Garcia , Andrade side,
and now trying to find out about Caton again. God bless all of you for so
much help. and please forgive me for the lack of response. Blessings and
Thank you.

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