I researching my Amarante Family history and while my ancestors principally 
came from the town of Manadas on the island of Sao Jorge, there is also I 
believe a connection to the Amarante family for Velas. I discovered the 
post below and would be interested if anyone knows anything further about 
the people mentioned below. Tony Amarant

Descendants of Gonçalo de Amarante, o Velho
Generation No. 1
*1. Gonçalo1 de Amarante, o Velho*
Child of Gonçalo de Amarante, o Velho is:
+ 2 i. Gonçalo
2 de Amarante, o Novo.
*Generation No. 2*
*2. Gonçalo2 de Amarante, o Novo *(Gonçalo1) He married *Francisca de 
Children of Gonçalo de Amarante and Francisca de Oliveira are:
+ 3 i. Margarida ou Maria
3 de Oliveira.
+ 4 ii. Jorge de Oliveira Amarante.
+ 5 iii. João de Oliveira Amarante.
*Generation No. 3*
*3. Margarida ou Maria3 de Oliveira *(Gonçalo2 de Amarante, o Novo, Gonçalo1) 
She married
*Manuel de Azevedo*, son of Valério de Ávila and Isabel Vieira.
Children of Margarida de Oliveira and Manuel de Azevedo are:
6 i. Jorge de Oliveira
4 Amarante. He married Catarina Pereira.
7 ii. Beatriz Álvares Sousa. She married Gaspar Nunes Brasil.
*4. Jorge de Oliveira3 Amarante *(Gonçalo2 de Amarante, o Novo, Gonçalo1) 
He married 
*Iría Vieirade Azevedo*, daughter of Valério de Ávila and Isabel Vieira.
Children of Jorge Amarante and Iría de Azevedo are:
8 i. Francisco Azevedo
4 Amarante. He married Margarida Pires Romeiro.
9 ii. Isabel de Azevedo, died Feb 1687. She married Gonçalo Pereira de 
Lacerda in Velas, ilha de S.
Jorge; died 1684.
*5. João de Oliveira3 Amarante *(Gonçalo2 de Amarante, o Novo, Gonçalo1) He 
*PaulaCorreia de Ávila*, daughter of Melchior Ávila and Luzia Homem.
Children of João Amarante and Paula de Ávila are:
10 i. Maria
4 de Ávila. She married Bartolomeu Pereira Simões.
Marriage Notes for Maria de Ávila and Bartolomeu Simões:
Antepassados deste casal retirados da Internet da Genealogia dos 
11 ii. Francisco de Oliveira. He married Vitória da Cunha.
12 iii. Lucas Correia de Amarante. He married Isabel Vieira Machado.

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