On 14/04/18 17:20, Sven Eckelmann wrote:
> On Samstag, 14. April 2018 10:11:28 CEST Antonio Quartulli wrote:
>> An error message like like "returned invalid all-zero mac address" (or
>> "multicast address") might help to distinguish similar "ambiguities" in
>> the future. No?
> The current interface for the translation is "give me a string and I return 
> NULL or a mac address". The resolving of the IPs for hostnames and the check 
> of the neighbor table are done on an "I take what I get first" approach. Your 
> suggestion would involve a change of this interface and parsing of additional 
> information and tracking of states to make sure that the "best" result is 
> returned (or a special error state). This is nothing which I will implement 
> now.

Oh ok, I went through the code and now I better understand what you meant.

> Should I drop the patch for now?

I'd suggest to still consider it for merging.
Even if we can't be specific about the error, it is still better to stop
the translation rather than generating unexpected results.


Antonio Quartulli

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