Tom Hannen wrote:
I guess all the consituent parts exist already - I was thinking more
of an app that would make it easy for you to skip items whilst
cooking, or washing up, or in the car etc.

If you have a CD player in the kitchen, it is very easy to skip to the
next track - you stop what you're doing for a second, and hit one
button.  The same isn't true of trying to skip through items on the
today programme - stare at the screen, grab the mouse, choose from a
number of links, and click on one.

Hit the space bar to hear the next item would be a nice feature.  I'm
not saying it should be part of the today website, just that if I had
any programming skills whatsoever, I'd like to make it!

I wonder if segmented MP3 podcasts would be an elegant way to enable this functionality?


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