Hi Frank, it appears that 3 don't really care about the device you're using
to tether with, as long as they get paid for the bandwidth you use.
I've used an unlocked (was originally on T-Mobile) N-Series phone with their
prepaid Mobile Broadband service for a while, and I haven't heard anything
at all from them, despite them supposedly sending SMSes to users of
non-3-supplied handsets.


On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 5:19 PM, Frank Wales <fr...@limov.com> wrote:

> Peter Edwards wrote:
> > In case it helps, I use a 3 INQ1 (next gen. Skypephone) to get broadband
> > access over bluetooth from an Eee running Ubuntu 8.10. On a contract
> > that costs £17 for 5GB data + 100 mins talk p.m.
> This was one of the features that nearly made me get an INQ1, since
> other providers tend to stripe you up if you want to treat your
> phone like a modem for your computer, while 3 seem quite happy
> to let you do this, at least on this model.
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