>> As I mentioned earlier in the thread - I have my 3 dongle working 
>> fine under Ubuntu. Actually it's CrunchBase, which is Ubuntu-derived.
> There are several 3 dongles - the E220 works out the box with the Asus 
> EEE distro and Vodaphone have a linux client available that provides 
> drivers if you are using a different distro. You just need to change 
> the APN in the settings from vodaphone's.

In case it helps, I use a 3 INQ1 (next gen. Skypephone) to get broadband
access over bluetooth from an Eee running Ubuntu 8.10. On a contract 
that costs £17 for 5GB data + 100 mins talk p.m. 
There's a writeup  of how to do it here: http://dragonstaff.blogspot.com/

Regards, Peter

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