Craig Barratt wrote:
> Rsync uses the native client charset coding (ie: it doesn't change anything).
> On a windows machine that is typically cp1250.
> BackupPC 3.0 uses utf8 on the server and can optionally translate
> to/from the client charset coding by setting $Conf{ClientCharset},
> eg:
>     $Conf{ClientCharset} = 'cp1250';
> In western europe you might need to use cp1252.
> Unlike rsync, samba by default converts to/from utf8, so there is
> no need to have BackupPC 3.0 do any conversion for smb.

Still, it doesn't work perfectly well for me.
Windows machine is a 2003, German version. It mostly has filenames in 
German, so setting ClientCharset to cp1252 works well for German characters.

There are also filenames written for example in Russian or Greek, or 
some other languages not covered by "cp1252".
In such cases, I get info that the "file has vanished", which is not 
really true.

Is there a setting that will cover all languages?
The files in question can be read just fine on the Windows 2003 server.

Below, an example log showing problems with other languages:

Remote[2]: file has vanished: 
(c)_ ?????????? ? ?????????_ ???????? ?????????_ 123 ?????_ ??????? 
?????? ????_ ??????? ??????????_ ??????????? ?????? ? ????????.lnk" (in 

Remote[2]: file has vanished: 
pt????? a?a??t???? ?a?µ?????a?-d?????µ???.doc" (in uDrive)

Tomasz Chmielewski

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