Some time ago, someone e-mailed a script that performed a dd/netcat in 
an rsync-like manner:  it hashed blocks of the disk and if they matched 
between the two sides they were not sent.  If they didn't, the block was 
sent.  The idea was to limit the amount of data that would be sent in a 
dd to the relative minimum amount of data that has changed.

I've tried and tried to find this thing, but I just plain cannot--either 
in the list archives or anywhere else Google searches.  Does anyone have 
such a script--or even know what I'm talking about?

I think this might have been a home-grown script, but it would be very 
useful, given that currently the only way to effectively clone a backup 
server is dd, and dd'ing a 500GB partition is not exactly practical, 
especially when only a few gig has actually changed from the last time...

Tim Masesy

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