On 2020-05-22 16:49, backu...@kosowsky.org wrote:
Michael Stowe wrote at about 22:18:50 +0000 on Friday, May 22, 2020:
 > On 2020-05-22 11:42, backu...@kosowsky.org wrote:
> > 1. Sockets are restored as regular files not special files --> BUG?
 > Why would one back up a socket?
I am testing the fidelity of the backup/restore cycle..

> If you really think this is sensible, you should be able to accomplish
 > it with "--devices --specials" as part of your rsync command lines.
 >  From the symptoms, you have this in backup but not restore.

Actually, in the original text (which you snipped), I shared my
rsync_bpc commands for both 'dump' and 'restore', which include the
'-D' flag (actually it's the default in the config.pl for both rsync
dump and restore)... and '-D' is *equivalent* to '--devices

And since I suspected some readers might miss that, I even noted in
the text that:
   "Also, special files (--specials) should be included under the -D
   flag that I use for both rsync dump and restore commands (see

Hence, why I suggested this is a *BUG* vs. user error or lack of
knowledge :)

You've mistaken my point -- sure, the -D flag is there, but it's behaving like it isn't. Let's review:

       This option causes rsync to transfer character and block  device
       files  to  the  remote  system  to recreate these devices.  This
       option has no effect if the receiving rsync is not  run  as  the
       super-user (see also the --super and --fake-super options).

Naturally this begs the question as to whether you're running it as the super-user, and if you've seen the options as referred to in the man page, which I've quoted above.

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