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> Phil Stracchino <ph...@caerllewys.net> hat am 6. August 2017 um 17:03 
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> Community request:
> Does anyone else here have a test environment which DOES have jobs of
> that size who could perform comparison tests of the same 20-50 million
> file backup job with and without batch insert?

We have one job from disk to LTO6 which has about 10 Million files and 6.6 TB.

Runs on CentOS 6.8 machine, mysql-5.1.73 MyISAM storage engine and Bacula 
Version: 7.4.8 (10 April 2017)

How can i disable batch insert, only by configure --disable-batch-inserts  and 
recompile ?

Does it make sense to do timing tests on this environment ?  Its a production 
system and i need to be careful.

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