On 08/06/17 13:47, Ulrich Leodolter wrote:
> Hi Phil,
>> Phil Stracchino <ph...@caerllewys.net> hat am 6. August 2017 um 17:03 
>> geschrieben:
>> Community request:
>> Does anyone else here have a test environment which DOES have jobs of
>> that size who could perform comparison tests of the same 20-50 million
>> file backup job with and without batch insert?
> We have one job from disk to LTO6 which has about 10 Million files and 6.6 TB.
> Runs on CentOS 6.8 machine, mysql-5.1.73 MyISAM storage engine and Bacula 
> Version: 7.4.8 (10 April 2017)
> How can i disable batch insert, only by configure --disable-batch-inserts  
> and recompile ?

Hi Ulrich,
Yes, you'd have to recompile with --disable-batch-insert.  There is no
configuration directive to enable/disable it, or command to
enable/disable it interactively.

I certainly wouldn't ask you to test the change in a production environment.

I also wouldn't be testing (or running) against MyISAM in the first
place.  Honestly, the MyISAM storage engine is *LONG* past its
expiration date, and Oracle is actively working towards removing support
for it.  I fully expect it to be disabled by default in MySQL 8.  It is
fragile, and its concurrent performance in write-heavy loads is just
terrible.  A *substantial* number of the customer site-performance
issues we see at my employer are directly attributable to MyISAM.

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