>>>>> On Tue, 3 Dec 2019 12:56:08 +0100, Radosław Korzeniewski said:
> pon., 2 gru 2019 o 20:05 Phil Stracchino <ph...@caerllewys.net> napisał(a):
> > It seems to me like this is a bug, and the selection criteria for a COPY
> > job should not be resolved until the COPY job is actually started.
> >
> Well, I see a contradiction here. You want to order the dinner but you will
> tell what dish you want after a cook start cooking. But what dish he should
> start cooking? So it won't work, IMHO.
> I understand what you want to achieve but I'm afraid that Bacula does not
> support this kind of job stage.

Is the current timing useful for some other situation?

It seems like a bug to me too.  To continue your analogy, it is like the
restaurant forcing you to choose a dish when you book the table, before you've
seen the menu of the day.

Compare it with VolumeToCatalog verify jobs for example, which select the job
when they start, not when they are scheduled.


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