On 2022-11-25 16:00, Nick Bright wrote:
inelegant. The system should automatically be pruning or at least
allowing me to overwrite the old data - it ought to be cyclical - use
the available disk space (17T) to back up systems, letting old backups
fall off automatically so that new backups can take their place.

This is exactly what I am doing using these directives in the pool resource

Maximum Volume Bytes = 10G
Maximum Volumes = <number of volumes> # to be calculated from disk space # and Maximum Volume Bytes (make sure # to leave extra space for at least
                                       # 2 x Maximum Volume Bytes)
AutoPrune = yes
Volume Retention = <retention period>
Recycle = yes
Purge Oldest Volume = yes

The configuration above would recycle the oldest volume when needed,
regardless of the retention period.
This is potentially dangerous. You should have enough volumes in your
pool to minimize the chance of losing useful (relatively recent) backup


Josip Deanovic

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