> In order to advance to an A cluster a certain number of people 
> must complete 
> a few of the courses. 

Dear David, 

Not a 'few' of the courses. In order to become an "A" cluster there 
must be 30-50 people who have completed the *entire sequence* of 

 Since I don't really learn anything or 
> enjoy Ruhi I 
> was wondering if there is some way one can 'do' a course without 
> going in a 
> course with others. 
 Would I be able to do it in my own time and 
> write my 
> answers in the book and then get it checked off by a tutor?  

The short answer to your question is no. Besides, there is no 
real 'checking off' because there are not supposed to be any right or 
wrong answers (despite the fact the questions are close-ended.

> way I 
> could do it quicker rather than prolonging the agony.

Sorry. Suffering is. ;-}

Personally, I wouldn't do Ruhi just to be part of the statistics that 
make us an "A" cluster. I'm taking and tutoring those courses where I 
think I can be of real service and ignoring the rest. 

warmest, Susan 

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