Hi Susan,
  >there are not supposed to be any right or 
>wrong answers (despite the fact the questions are close-ended.
  I  wonder where the myth began that there are no right or wrong answers in 
the Ruhi method.   Clearly there are right and wrong answers.  For example:
  Book 1, Part 1, section 1...True or false...Something is correct when it is 
in agreement with the opinions of other people.   Obviously this is false.  
Saying this is true would be a wrong answer.
  Book 1  Section 3 part 4....True or false...It is important for us to know 
about life after death.
  Obviously true....False would be a wrong answer.
  There are many examples like these.  Maybe a facilitator, out of courtesy, 
would not say 
  "That answer is wrong", but an answer can still be wrong or right, even if no 
one calls it that.
  The notion that there are no right or wrong answers may  hold for some open 
ended questions, but for certain questions, that notion is silly.
  Tim Nolan 

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