in the name of the general ruhiosity
i will offer that the Master opines somwhere to the effect that it is more 
important to have agreement than accuracy.... which would make the first answer 
true, since correct has something to do with "being with what is right"
   since (a) we cannot >know< anything about the next life other than vague 
allusions ranging from strrets of gld to 70 + 1 houri, and God would know this 
about us, it cain't be important;
 and (b) people seem to have gotten along quite nicely throughout the Old 
without a clue about a next life, so obviously false is the correct answer...
  to aswer david, ...possibly learning to >listen< as a vague glimpse of what 
consultation will b like when ever it is its turn to become manifest is a ruhi 

as a facilitator, i know which book is mine in a stack becuase nothing is ever 
written in it.  i know quite a few facilitators who have chaged answers bac and 
forth, based on the listening they have done with various collaborators.

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