Dear list,

I am looking for a backup solution which is able to use multiple USB connected 
disks as backup destination.
Is this possible with bareos? I have read that backup to a disk pool is 
possible, but I want to schedule a full backup which might span 2 or more USB 
drives. Once this completes, following incremental jobs should continue on 
another USB drive. Also I would like to remove the disks once the backup is 
done to be protected from whatever damage can be done to the main system.

In an ideal world, for a restore I would connect the disks from the full backup 
plus the disk(s) from incremental and bareos would figure out that all required 
drives are connected and available. If not, I would see requests for the drives 
required as it would request a specific tape.

Is this possible at all, maybe with the help of vchanger?

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