Hi Marco,

Not to step on Nicklas' toes but a couple of observations from
my point of view:

> From previous messages in this mailing list, I understand
> that BASE doesn't allow one to keep open multiple user 
> sessions, coming from multiple IPs

AFAIK BASE just doesn't allow the *same* session ID to be used by
multiple IPs; your wording suggests it can and will serve only 
one user per IP, which would clearly make it useless.

As to whether this is a problem or not in practice, remember that
you and I were hitting a BASE instance directly, from separate IPs,
when we ran into this issue, using a bogus ID to boot, hence the 
collision. In the actual usage scenario, in which users send 
requests to BASE not directly but through DC-THERA, I imagine 
that from the BASE server point of view they will appear to 
originate from the same DC-THERA server IP, regardless of user 
IP, hence the issue will be moot.

-- O.L.

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