Olivier Lefevre wrote:
> Hi Marco,
> Not to step on Nicklas' toes but a couple of observations from
> my point of view:
>> From previous messages in this mailing list, I understand
>> that BASE doesn't allow one to keep open multiple user 
>> sessions, coming from multiple IPs
> AFAIK BASE just doesn't allow the *same* session ID to be used by
> multiple IPs; your wording suggests it can and will serve only 
> one user per IP, which would clearly make it useless.

Ops, sorry. Clearly I meant multiple sessions from the same user and 
from multiple IPs. The scenario I am thinking of is multiple real users 
accessing BASE with the same account. But if different sessions can be 
generated for different IPs and using the same account, that would be 
good for us.



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