>  > one thing that comes to my mind and that could explain both the 'table 
>  > exists' error and the duplication issue is that each job is for some 
>  > reason executed twice (and at the same time). It shouldn't happen, but I 
>  > remember that we had some problems when running test programs and still 
>  > having the web server's job queue active. Every now and then the web 
>  > server would start executing a job that was also started by our test 
>  > program. Some times the one executing on the web server would fail and 
>  > some times the test program. So, do you have any job agents installed, 
>  > or multiple web applications, or anything else that is executing jobs 
>  > from the job queue?
> yes we do have some prototype web apps run from separate tomcats which use
> instances of the BASE application.  I have killed them and did another
> filtering and got only one result - no more duplication!
> On starting one tomcat and BASE-related webapp again I still don't get
> duplication.
> I'll post back here again if we see duplication again and can recreate the
> conditions.  In the meantime, all seems OK again.

I think this is a problem with the how the job queue start jobs. We'll 
check if we can reproduce it here as well. Having multiple web servers 
connecting to the same database could be a useful setup in some 
situations. In the meantime, the recommendation must be to disable the 
internal job queue in all but one of the Tomcat instances.



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