Nicklas Nordborg writes:
 > > I'll post back here again if we see duplication again and can recreate the
 > > conditions.  In the meantime, all seems OK again.
 > > 
 > I think this is a problem with the how the job queue start jobs. We'll 
 > check if we can reproduce it here as well. Having multiple web servers 
 > connecting to the same database could be a useful setup in some 
 > situations. In the meantime, the recommendation must be to disable the 
 > internal job queue in all but one of the Tomcat instances.

Thanks Nicklas,

I was also wondering if it was something to do with polling intervals (as you
suggest on the ticket).  We actually had 3 instances running when the problem
arose (more chance of two synchronising).

At the moment we use a carbon copy of base.config for each instance, as this
saves a lot of hassle when upgrading BASE on our test server.  For production
purposes we could figure out some way of maintaining different versions of
base.config (with jobqueue.internal.enabled = false) for all but the main web


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