On 2013-09-10 16:35, Laurent Troxler wrote:
> Thank you Nicolas for your answer.
> It helped me to find out that I had missed the base.config file password
> setting.
> I thus could go through the all process.


> I am now facing an other problem linked to Tomcat.
> After setting the symbolic link between Tomcat and Base, when I go on
> the webpage http://hostname:8080/base2
> I get alternatively  :

The /Library/Tomcat/work directory and subdirectories are directories 
where Tomcat store temporary working files. Usually this is not 
something one has to worry about. I can think of two reasons why the 
directory referenced in the error message is empty:

  1. The Tomcat process doesn't have write permission on the directory
  2. The disk is full

It might be possible that there is more information in one of Tomcat's 
log files (though I can't tell which one, the logging setup of Tomcat is 
still a bit of a mystery to me...). At least, it seems like Tomcat is up 
and running so it shouldn't be a Java issue.


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