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> Phil Hudson <phil.hud...@iname.com> writes:
>> On Mon, 27 Apr 2015 at  5:59:07 pm BST, Glyn Millington 
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>>>     (add-hook 'message-setup-hook 'bbdb-mail-aliases)
>> This led me to the documentation for bbdb-mail-aliases, which leads me
>> to ask for an explanation of what a mail alias is. My guess is that it's
>> either a unique nickname for a mail recipient, or a group name for
>> multiple mail recipients, or possibly both/either. 
>> I've just checked, and as I thought, "mail-alias" is an unknown field
>> type which I am asked to define. Before I go ahead, what does "defining"
>> a field type involve?
> "Defining" a field type just means you're using a non-builtin field type
> for the first time, and BBDB is checking to make sure that you really
> wanted to do that. Once one of your records has this kind of field, you
> won't be asked again, and the field will be available as a completion
> option when adding fields to other contacts. That's all!  

Thanks for the explanation. That's no problem as far as it goes, but I
wonder whether something with API support shouldn't be built-in and
available by default? There's a certain impedance mismatch there, it
seems to me.

So, that's an RFE from me: don't ask the user to define the mail-alias
type, have it ready for use out of the box, please.

(I take it that I got the purpose of mail-alias fields right.)

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