Phil Hudson <> writes:

> On Mon, 27 Apr 2015 at  5:59:07 pm BST, Glyn Millington 
> <> wrote:
>>     (add-hook 'message-setup-hook 'bbdb-mail-aliases)
> This led me to the documentation for bbdb-mail-aliases, which leads me
> to ask for an explanation of what a mail alias is. My guess is that it's
> either a unique nickname for a mail recipient, or a group name for
> multiple mail recipients, or possibly both/either. 
> I've just checked, and as I thought, "mail-alias" is an unknown field
> type which I am asked to define. Before I go ahead, what does "defining"
> a field type involve?

"Defining" a field type just means you're using a non-builtin field type
for the first time, and BBDB is checking to make sure that you really
wanted to do that. Once one of your records has this kind of field, you
won't be asked again, and the field will be available as a completion
option when adding fields to other contacts. That's all!

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