"Roland Winkler" <wink...@gnu.org> writes:

> On Mon Dec 21 2015 Michael Strey wrote:
>> ((vm vm-mode vm-virtual-mode vm-summary-mode vm-presentation-mode)
>>  (gnus gnus-summary-mode gnus-article-mode gnus-tree-mode)
>>  (rmail rmail-mode rmail-summary-mode)
>>  (mh mhe-mode mhe-summary-mode mh-folder-mode)
>>  (message notmuch-message-mode message-mode)
> Yes, if notmuch-message-mode is likewise derived from message-mode,
> the above should work for notmuch, too.
> Are there yet more modes "out in the wild" which are derived from
> message-mode (or mail-mode, though I guess mail-mode is really
> getting replaced by message-mode)?

There's also notmuch-message-mode. I'm actually fairly annoyed that
notmuch tries to take over my whole mua setup, when all I want to do is
use it to search, but it would be nice to also let this one pass.

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