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>> I finally gave up trying to use mu4e in parallel to gnus for the same reason.
> BBDB checks current modes against the bbdb-muda-mode-alist variable,
> which you should be able to add to. It comes with (mu4e mu4e-view-mode)
> in there, maybe you can add something like (mu4e-message-mode
> message-mode) to the list and see if that works? I haven't looked
> exactly at how that variable is queried, but I'll bet you can trick BBDB
> into letting it pass.

You are right and I've been confused by the many problems I struggled
with in the past.  In fact I had the problem not with mu4e but with
notmuch that I'm still using side by side with gnus for searching and
solved it as suggested by you.  I have the following in

((vm vm-mode vm-virtual-mode vm-summary-mode vm-presentation-mode)
 (gnus gnus-summary-mode gnus-article-mode gnus-tree-mode)
 (rmail rmail-mode rmail-summary-mode)
 (mh mhe-mode mhe-summary-mode mh-folder-mode)
 (message notmuch-message-mode message-mode)
 (mail mail-mode))

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