On Sun Oct 2 2016 Sam Steingold wrote:
> I think if you add
>     (defvar diary-date-forms)
> to bbdb-anniv.el, it will work with lexical-binding too.

This variable contains forms that are evaluated using `eval',
assuming that the variables appearing in this form are bound
dynamically.  - I believe that old coding schemes like this one,
which are frequently used by the calendar / diray package are a
major reason why emacs has not completely switched to lexical
binding.  If bbdb-anniv.el hooks into the calendar /dirary package,
it needs to follow the conventions of this package till we get a
more complete overhaul of this package (which in turn is hampered by
the fact that calendar /diary has been around for a long time, and
substantial changes in its mode of operation might break more user

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