On Fri Oct 7 2016 Stefan Monnier wrote:
> The first solution binds the <varN> variables lexically rather than
> dynamically.  That means that if those <varN> appear lexically inside
> the <form> things will work correctly, but if <form> calls a function
> which then refers to <varN> this reference will fail.

Thank you for the clarification.  The code in bbdb-anniv binds the
variables lexcially via let which also contains the call of eval.
So this is fine.

> This note about lexical binding is talking about a chunk of code like
>     (let ((x 1))
>       ...
>       (defvar x 5)
>       ...)
> if run in lexical-binding mode, the let will bind `x` statically, but
> `defvar` always refers to the dynamically-bound variable `x`, just like
> (set 'x 5) would.
> > This suggests to me that in your second approach the defvar's could
> > also go inside the let, which appears rather odd to me.
> No, that wouldn't work: the (defvar <varN>) is there to declare that
> subsequent uses of <varN> should use dynamic scoping.

Again thanks for the clarification.  I'll stay with the first
approach you suggested.


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