On Sat Oct 22 2016 Stefan Monnier wrote:
> What I suggested was
>     (eval exp `((x1 . ,v1)))
> in which case the value of `exp' can contain references to `x1'.

Thank you, I am sorry for the rather delayed reply.  I was too busy
with other stuff.

The above solution was exactly what I needed for bbdb-anniv because
(in the spirit of your example) exp will be simply x1 or x2, and v1
and v2 are strings; all this is used to construct regexps from the
pseudo patterns in the variable diary-date-forms.  I've tested the
new code for some time.  It appears to do exactly what is needed.

The only remaining problem was that previously BBDB 3 was supposed
to support GNU Emacs 23, too.  Yet the above syntax for `eval' was
introduced only in Emacs 24.  So I decided to officially discontinue
the support for Emacs 23 because the last release BBDB 3.1.2 still
supports it, and we even got Emacs 25 in the meanwhile.

On the plus side, the discontinued support for Emacs 23 now allows
me to use cl-lib, and I've used the new freedom in one of the other
changes described below.

Thanks again!

2017-01-28  Roland Winkler  <wink...@gnu.org>
        * lisp/bbdb-anniv.el (bbdb-anniv-diary-entries): Propertize the
        strings passed to diary-add-to-list.
        (bbdb-anniv-goto-entry): New function used as

2017-01-28  Roland Winkler  <wink...@gnu.org>
        * lisp/bbdb-anniv.el (bbdb-anniv-diary-entries): Use cl-flet.

2017-01-28  Roland Winkler  <wink...@gnu.org>
        * lisp/bbdb-anniv.el: Use lexical binding.
        * lisp/bbdb-anniv.el (bbdb-anniv-diary-entries): Use lexical
        environment for eval.

2017-01-28  Roland Winkler  <wink...@gnu.org>
        Discontinue support for old GNU Emacs 23.
        * README, lisp/bbdb-site.el:
        * lisp/bbdb.el (bbdb-buffer, bbdb-revert):
        * lisp/bbdb-com.el (bbdb-complete-mail): Update accordingly.

2017-01-28  Roland Winkler  <wink...@gnu.org>
        Update copyright year in all files.

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