On Tue Jun 27 2017 Colin Baxter wrote:
> Forgive me for chiming in. I have very similar bbdb settings, although I
> don't have (require 'bbdb) since I didn't think that was necessary for
> bbdb-3.1.2. The major different is that I use bbdb auto updates for rmail
> only. Everything works fine in that I am queried for incoming rmail and
> not for incoming gnus. However the opposite is the case for outgoing
> messages in that I am not queried for messages sent from rmail but I am
> queried for messages sent using gnus. I would appreciate any suggestion
> as to how I might fix this and receive queries for outgoing rmail too.
> The relevant emacs.init is:
> (bbdb-initialize 'gnus 'message 'rmail 'pgp)
> (bbdb-mua-auto-update-init 'message 'rmail)

>From the perspective of BBDB, outgoing messages are not "from gnus"
or "from rmail", but what matters is what emacs mode handles the
outgoing messages.  For gnus, this has long been message-mode,
whereas rmail has used mail-mode.  This translates into initializing
'message and / or 'mail.

I believe, more recently there have been plans to outphase mail-mode
and only use message-mode.  Yet with my GNU emacs 25.2, message-mode
and mail-mode still appear to be distinct modes.

In any case, check the mode in one of your buffers with outgoing
mail and make sure that BBDB is initialized for this mode the way
you want it.

If it turns out that both your rmail and your gnus use message-mode
for outgoing mails, I do not see a simple possibility to teach BBDB
to treat such buffers differently.

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