Angel de Vicente <> writes:
> Wes Hardaker <> writes:
>> I've been meaning to solve this problem for months.  It's been driving
>> me nuts not to be able to create new records, so your message finally
>> prompted me to dive into things and have come up with the following
>> solution:
>>   (defadvice bbdb-read-string (before bbdb-read-string-no-ivy activate)
>>     (ivy-mode 0))
>>   (defadvice bbdb-read-string (after bbdb-read-string-yes-ivy activate)
>>     (ivy-mode 1))
>> If you put the above into your emacs initialization it'll turn off
>> ivy-mode while bbdb is prompting for strings.
> Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for sharing the code.

+1, though I’d managed to work out (accidentally, I think, that C-M-j
also worked).

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