Thanks for the link , updated kernel to latest , 4.4.20-ti-r44. Followed 
the instructions and the uio kernel objects are loaded. Just working 
through examples now. It will be easier to use uio for my application.

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 3:25:37 PM UTC+1, paulandre...@gmail.com 
> Hi,
>   I am investigating the beagleboard black PRUs at the moment for data 
> acquisition and/or transmission. For context I'll explain what I want to 
> do. I want to use a 16 bit ADC/DAC at 100KSps. It is a half duplex system, 
> so I can use both PRUs to receive, then load new firmware and transmit. 
> Starting the transmission must be to 1 us accuracy. Hopefully that will 
> explain what I am trying to do.
>  I am using the PRU Software package 4.0.2. My kernel is Linux Beaglebone 
> 4.4.9-ti-r25. I have the CCSv6 environment setup and I can build and run 
> examples on the PRU, and I have built a user space example (Pru Lab 6 user 
> space) and it is working fine sending strings to and from both PRUs using 
> RpMsg. Great so far....
> I would like to extend the User space example to allow me to fill PRU 
> memory (basically Sine wave sample data to use as a carrier for modulation) 
> , or write directly from user space any samples I want to transmit. Also 
> any examples in user space using the pruss_intc.ko to send/receive 
> interrupts from the PRUs would be good. 
> The data I want to fill into the PRU will fill most of the data memory in 
> the PRU, I don't want to have to load it up piece by piece through RpMsg, 
> which looks to be maximum 512 bytes per transfer. I am hoping to trigger 
> commands through RpMsg for the PRU to read/write data to shared or ARM DDR 
> memory. There are plenty of examples on the PRU side to read/write to 
> shared or DRR memory, so i should be able to plod through the examples to 
> create my code for the PRU. 
> However I can't see any example on the ARM side. Is it possible for a user 
> space program to read/write to shared memory ? Or allocate a section of DDR 
> memory for the each PRU to write to that nothing else will touch ? 
> Also once the ARM is through with writing to shared or DRR memory the PRU 
> generate a ARM Host interrupt (EVOUT1 to EVOUT7).  Does pruss_intc.kp map 
> these interrupts to user space, or allow a callback to be added ?
> I know a lot of questions, apologies if they are basic, new to this. 
> Regards,
> Paul 

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