in terms of IDE style development tools for STM32 controller boards i'd 
GNU ARM Eclipse
and GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain

is quite 'well known' if I'm right about it GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain can 
be used to do similar 'bare bone' development on platforms like 
beagleboards / beagle bone black etc
hence, one of the considerations which would be related to costs is how 
much hardware resources can a 'project' afford, e.g. a beagle bone black 
with 512m ram and 4g flash would literally be considered 'plenty' and 
possibly 'expensive' for a 'microcontroller' project. but i'd guess 
everyone's mileage varys

but say if one is trying to program a 'scope' with rather elaborate 
computations and displays along with a Gui user interface and plenty of 
functions FFT / digital filters etc doing it 'microcontroller' style may be 
quite a 'monumental' task ;)

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