Total Newbie here. Bought a BeagleBone Black Rev. B from ebay for $15. It 
is advertised on ebay as a BeagleBone Black.

While I waited for it to be delivered, I studied up on how to boot it up 
and access it, so I'm familiar with the process of getting it going.

First thing I noticed on the ebay pics is that the USB Ports are missing. 
OK, I dealt with broken USB ports on the Raspberry Pi and how to replace 
them. And the HDMI Port is missing too, as well as the power jack. The 
seller said that these BBBs were used for some network project and the 
ports were removed but they turned on by a different mean. The pic on the 
seller's page has the ports missing but the chips on the board are there.

Got the BBB today. Missing are:

P3 (USB Host Port)
P1 (Power Port)
J1 pins (Serial Console?)
RT1 (Resistor?)
C34 (Capacitor)

P6 (HDMI Port)

Note: The Power Jack and the USB Port looks like it was never there - no 
solder on the board. Ans no solder on the "Battery points" either. Also, 
under the CPU it says "beaglebone" and not "beaglebone bone."

Questions: How to turn this unit on and connect to my computer? Once I get 
past this, I can use it as a headless server using VNC and Console Terminal 
to access it.

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