Thanks for the info, Gerald. I will keep it and see what I can do with it. 
In the least I am going get replacement USB ports and power ports and put 
them in. At the same time I ordered through another seller a "complete" 
Rev. B board for $30. They say that is Debian on it and not Angstrom, which 
is fine for me, I can always reflash the BBB to get Angstrom on it again.

Back to the first unit - I noticed about BBB being sold out there, under 
the name of "AntMiner"(?) and it too is in the same situation - lacking 
ports and other things. But this unit, the mission parts look like they 
were never there and the board redesigned at the factory to move the chips 
around. In my mind, I think somebody set up a bunch of headless servers 
with these things. If so, without power how does one turn these things on 
without a USB or Power Jack? Using the GPIO an option for power input? With 
the R-Pi's it is back to power the unit from the GPIO because it is not 
regulated from there and one can blow out the board.

Again, any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.

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