On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 12:37 PM, Gerald Coley <ger...@beagleboard.org>
> What I would do with this board to use it and power it, is use the power
jack holes. Whether or not anyone else could do > this, I cannot say. Then
again, what I would do is only speculation on my part because I don't think
I would have bought > this board..

I probably would too. It seems the easier path. I'd probably snip the
barrel jack off an acceptable power adapter, and either solder a screw down
terminal, if i could find one with the same pin spacing as the OEM barrel
jack. Or probably just solder the wired directly onto the board. Not like
the board is going to have much of, if any warranty . . .

But as Gerald said. I probably wouldn't have bought such a board to begin
with. $45 for a BBG or if you must have a BBB $55 really is not that much
to pay for such an awesome board.

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